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AMARONE Della Valpolicella - Vaio Armaron - Serego Alighieri - Red - 2011 - Bottle 75cl - Masi

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Appellation: Amarone della Valpolicella Classico
Origin: Italy - Valpolicella - Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella - Gargagnago
Grapes: 65% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, 15% Molinara Serego Alighieri

Since 1353 the noble Serego Alighieri family, descendants of the poet Dante, has cultivated its estate in Valpolicella with passion and professionalism. Indeed, the term Amarone itself probably derives from the name of this ancient vineyard: Vaio Armaron. It is an extraordinarily rich and complex wine which is capable of long ageing.

Fascinating garnet reflection apparent to the eye within deep ruby colour presaging the aromas that stand out on the nose : cherries preserved in spirit, plums, Mediterranean herbs, violets and striking sensations of rosemary and sage. The aftertaste shows mint, cherries, plums, berry fruit and chocolate. Full-bodied and well-structured with shifting hints of sweetness. Long and fresh tasting on the finish.

Serving suggestion:
Ideal with red meats, game, quail, roasts and other richly-flavoured dishes. Excellent paired with strong cheeses (like parmesan, pecorino etc...). A noble after-dinner wine.
Serve at 18°C.
Ageing potential : 25 - 30 years

AMARONE Della Valpolicella - Vaio Armaron - Serego Alighieri - Red - 2011 - Bottle 75cl Masi

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The Boscaini family have been the owners of the Masi vineyards for six generations. Sandro Boscaini is the company president. The other members of the family involved are Sandro's children: Alessandra and Raffaele, and his brothers: Bruno who looks after the production processes, and Mario who is a sleeping partner in the company.

Masi production strategy aims to emphasize the personality of each single product, while maintaining a recognisable Venetian style. In 1958, Masi was in the forefront of the work to identify the historic "cru" vineyard sites for Amarone. In 1964, Campofiorin was the first in a new category of wines, reinventing the technique of double fermentation and continually updating it. Masi has also updated the style of Amarone, using new appassimento and vinification technologies.
Masi wines are modern, attractive, well-balanced and easily identifiable; characteristics which have earned Masi recognition for having "revolutionized the art of wine-making in the Venetian region". Hugh Johnson defines Masi as "a touchstone for Veronese wines".

Vaio Armaron - Serego Alighieri - Red - Amarone della Valpolicella - Masi
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